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10 Ground Rules For an Effective Home Interior Design

Home interior design is a personal choice; don’t let others make the decision for you. You home is your personal domain. Nobody should tell you what you should do with it. Sadly, homeowners find it hard to express their preferences and tastes in the actual design.If you feel that you need some assistance in as far as appropriate design theme is concerned, then it is best that you seek the advice of a home interior design specialist. However, you must have the final say since it is important that you must feel comfortable with the final design choices. Don’t start with the painting job until you have made your final choice of upholstery, carpet and fabric.The design rules can be as rigid or flexible depending on your goals and wants. However, there are general guidelines that you must observe in your home interior design.Rule #1 – Make a detailed sketch of your floor plan. The template should include the dimensions of the room, the sizes and placement of windows and doors, and the location of fixtures and other design elements.Rule #2 – Get inspiration from shelter magazines, online home interior references and show houses. Determine what colors and styles appeal to you most and integrate these elements in your home interior design.Rule #3 – Identify the focal point of your home interior design. This should be the dominant component of the home interior and from which everything will revolve. This could be an armoire, a view or the fireplace.Rule #4 – Establish a well-defined style for your home interior, and the details must be included in the home interior design and plan. This means that it is not enough to define them as plain country French. Instead, you must define the home design and style as French country design with rooster theme with gold and black color scheme.Rule #5 – Choose a signature piece which you are going to use as the main focus of your interior design. This could a fabric material, an elegant set of pottery or dishes, an area rug or even a postcard. The design component should manifest and highlight the mood, style and color scheme which you want to achieve in your home interior design.Rule #6 – Make sure the your choice of fabric blends well with the other elements of your home interior design. Focus on the coordination of your flooring options and paint colors when deciding on which fabric materials you are going to purchase.Rule #7 – Make sure that your interior design achieves a perfect balance of varying elements. Focus your attention on the large elements such as draperies, rugs and upholstered furnishings. It is important that you use, whenever possible, appropriate color combinations and correct matching of these large pieces.Rule #8 – It is essential that you carefully determine the most appropriate combination of patterns. Your range of options shall include geometrics, stripes, plain, large-scale and small-scale.Rule #9 – You must provide for adequate natural pathways in your home interior design. This is extremely important in areas covering the doors and closets. When deciding the room layout, it is essential that you include this parameter in your decision making.Rule #10 – Make a careful assessment of the functions and uses of a room when deciding the style and arrangement of the design elements. For instance, if your dining room will double as your study, then you will have to include elements such as study tables, desks, cabinets, books, files and lighting in addition to the dining tables and chairs.

Top 10 Attractions in Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Currently, Charlotte has an estimated population of 903,211 people, the city is thriving and continues to grow rapidly. People from all over the country are moving to Charlotte. The lifestyle change is seemingly a positive one, as most people who move to Charlotte decide to stay for the long term.

Charlotte has plenty of things to do, and many attractions are within the city limits. The Queen City has a lot to offer and is one of the best cities in the nation. This is a list of attractions you should consider exploring during your time in Charlotte. The city never sleeps and there’s always something to do. It has an amazing nightlife and vibrant business district. Below are just a few of the great things to do in the Charlotte metro.

Carowinds Theme Park

Carowinds is a 407-acre amusement park with a 27-acre water park included. The amusement park spans across North Carolina and South Carolina. Although, the official park’s address is Charlotte, NC. With about 2 million attendees per year and 56 attractions, Carowinds will surely be a part of Charlotte’s landscape for years to come. It’s a great and fun place for families of all sizes and ages.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

This museum is dedicated to the sports racing phenom, NASCAR. It showcases a ton of memorabilia which includes exhibits from drivers, crew chiefs, owners, broadcasters and more who have contributed to the race car genre. The NASCAR Hall of Fame museum allow visitors to drive simulation arcade-style vehicles and race others. It’s a fun experience that the entire family can enjoy.

Sea Life Charlotte

The interactive aquarium is located inside the Concord Mills Mall. There are thousands of sea creatures in this aquatic sanctuary. Sea Life Charlotte also includes an interactive touch pool where you could physically touch starfish and other sea animals. It also has an ocean tunnel you can walk through and watch sea life. It’s a great place to take the family. This should definitely make your list if you’re visiting the Charlotte area.

The Mint Museum

The Mint Museum has two locations in Charlotte. It is an art and design museum showcasing hundreds of collections from around the world. The beauty of the exhibits are what attract people all year long. Opening in 1936, the Mint Museum was the first art museum in North Carolina. It features American art, African art, Asian art, decorative art, fashionable art, visual art, contemporary art and more.

Discovery Place Science

This is a science and technology museum located in the heart of Charlotte. The two-story facility has a rain forest, live animal exhibits, aquariums, labs and more. It’s home to the largest IMAX theater in North Carolina. Discovery Place houses an education studio meant to inspire and train STEM educators. This is a great place to learn and explore while having amazing fun.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Located in Belmont, North Carolina, in the suburbs of Charlotte, this 380-acres of botanical gardens is a delight to see. Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens has manicured gardens, woodland trails, scenic fountains, an Orchid conservatory and more. In 1991 the property was founded by Daniel J. Stowe, a retired textile executive from Belmont. This is a peaceful and serene location.

Charlotte Motorsport Speedway

Located in Concord, NC just 13 miles away from Charlotte, the Motorsport Speedway is a great place to unwind and partake in live drag car racing events. If you’re a NASCAR fan, then this is the spot for you. Enjoy the 1.5 mile oval quad and watch as cars zip by. Come out and see an amazing NASCAR race.

PNC Music Pavilion

This outdoor amphitheater in Charlotte, North Carolina has a capacity of 19,500. The venue operates a ton of popular concerts every year. It’s managed by Live nation and has a naming rights deal with PNC Bank. This is a great place to party and see live concert events. A variety of acts has graced the stage at PNC Music Pavilion in a number of genres including, but not limited to, rock, alternative, pop, country, jazz, hip hop, and R&B.

Ray’s Splash Planet

Ray’s Splash Planet is the largest water park in North Carolina. With over 29,000 square feet of space, the water park is home to eight different water attractions. Ray’s Splash Planet is a joint venture between the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, built on the campus of Irwin Academic Center. This is a family-fun park that will create memories for the entire family.

Charlotte Rail Trail

In Uptown Charlotte, you will find a 3.5-mile trail with a walkway alongside the Blue Line Light Rail train tracks. The decorative space is home to a number of outdoor artists, caf├ęs, bars, galleries and more. With at least 2,000 pedestrians strolling the trail daily, you’ll never feel alone. Take a walk, ride a bike or sit on a park bench and watch the passerby’s. It’s a great urban experience with a health focus along the way.

Those are some of the best attractions in Charlotte, North Carolina. Regardless, if you’re young or old Charlotte has a lot to offer and one of the best places to live, work and raise a family. The city has a vibrant nightlife and beautiful skyline. With so many attractions, events and activities you’ll never have a dull day in Charlotte.